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The Dalhousie Events Calendar is a central resource for students, faculty, staff, alumni, prospective students and community members looking for information on public events at the university.

To be included in the Events Calendar, events must:

  • Be organized, sponsored, co-sponsored or hosted by the university or a university-affiliated organization.
  • Be open to the Dalhousie or broader community beyond the members of an individual student society, department or unit.
  • Require attendance at a physical location (or, as appropriate, a virtual one) at specific dates/times.
  • Include appropriate contact information.

Other announcements should be forwarded to the appropriate vehicle – Today@Dal, Student Life newsletter (email studentlife@dal.ca), etc.

While Communications and Marketing reviews events prior to posting, submitters are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of event information, and for contacting us at events@dal.ca to update the submission if there are any changes or cancellations. Communications and Marketing may modify or reject events on the grounds of spelling, grammar or appropriateness.

Note that the Dalhousie Events Calendar does not replace the need to schedule space for events through the appropriate Dalhousie offices, such as the Registrar’s Office, Facilities Management, etc.

The time it takes our Events Calendar team to review and post events can vary a great deal depending on the capacity at any given time, and we will sometimes prioritize posting events happening in the near future over events that are scheduled for later weeks/months. That said, we will get to all events in due course. Please allow at least 3-4 working days for your event to be processed.

The calendar archives past events for two years, after which they are automatically removed.

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